The Art of Reconciliation

Everyone screws up. Everyone. Some say even God– looking at the state of specific affairs on the planet. I feel it’s okay to err because I have seen myself and many others around me screw up. It is also my sincere belief that human life is an opportunity for us to learn lessons and move towards our infinite nature.

So the problem is not that we err but that quite often you realise later that you indeed screwed up. Your realisation often comes way beyond the point of redemption. It hurts and inevitably puts you in a state of guilt. Guilt/ shame/ regret are all poisons which we carry; such emotions can be brutal for your physical and mental health. They need to be released. Hence, reconciliation.

How though?

Here’s my Triple-A strategy to ace reconciliation


Acceptance is beautiful. It puts you in a state of ease and present (many times they intertwine). If you resist, you’re going against the flow of life. Acceptance isn’t for the meek; acceptance is for the strong-willed. Acceptance does not mean you won’t act, it means you are now looking at navigating the future than choosing to remain stuck with the past. So, accept your mistake(missed-take).


The best form of apology that I may have given or received has been the one when it has been followed by, “how can I make this right?”. You can ask this question to your subconscious or to a person with whom you’ve fucked up. If you dare to engage with another on the question mentioned above, you may

  • be ignored (medium case) or,
  • be asked to screw yourself (worst case) or,
  • gain the other person’s understanding or a chance to make it right (best case).

In any case, it’s okay. Your efforts should aim to let yourself or the other know that you realise the gravity of your mistake. That’s that—no attachment to the outcome. Remember Shri Krishna‘s Gita message: He always has cool hacks for life.


I believe, if you’re sincere in your efforts of reconciliation, the universe supports you. You get your closure and most significantly, lessons. You gain forgiveness if it has to come via someone else. Or, you become a better individual thanks to the experience. Either way, it’s a win-win.

If you manage to follow this, Triple-A formula of reconciliation, you can get by almost any fuck up. I’d reiterate that the most crucial part of trying to reconcile with something is your sincerity and intention. If your purpose is coming from a place of love, you will always win.

Thank you so much for reading this, dear reader. I’d be delighted if you let me know if you liked it (or not). Let me know how I can improve as well. Your engagement and investment of time mean the world to me. I shall endeavour to serve you with my write-ups ahead as well.

See you next Friday.

Love, laughter, harmony and joy!


2 thoughts on “The Art of Reconciliation

  1. Neha

    I can definitely use the triple A strategy in my life right now. I hope I have the best case scenario hahahah! Nevertheless, thank you so much for this article! You somehow end up writing up things I really need advice about in the present. Much love and light. 🤗✨


  2. islejazz

    The best part about your posts is that they are succinct. It’s easy to get through them and most lessons are relatable and easy to implement. Thanks for these wisdom Nuggets Kushagra. You are a blessing.


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