‘Posing’ For instagram

There is inexplicable joy in doing your thing, following your own path, and moving towards what comes easily and effortlessly to you. I was sitting and wondering about this thought today before I began writing this blog.

I use a phone application called ‘Day One’ to journal. I have linked my Instagram to the journal as well to remind me of the posts made by me on the same day in preceding years.

Today morning when I opened the application, I saw a post from 2015 that I’d made on Instagram. In that post, I’d shared a picture of the place called India Habitat Centre, where I used to perform plays for my theatre group. I could see I had used filters and a few other modifications on the picture to make it appealing and attractive.

I now laugh at the needless effort five years hence.

Photography is not something that comes naturally to me. Neither am I interested in photography. But, Instagram is or at least used to a medium for people to share pictures of people, places or things in a beautiful, appealing package.

I had clicked a picture of the Habitat Centre in 2015 not because I wanted but because I felt compelled to do so as others on my timeline were doing so.

Making efforts to win the approval of others hampers the spirit because, in the long run, such efforts mean zilch.

Being unaware of what comes naturally to one allows us to suffer not just on social media but also in life.

In the past, I had a tendency to get jealous of the people who attract attention and followers on social media. Thankfully now, wisdom from Shri Krishna has me thinking on different lines. I find that majorly the people who garner attention anywhere in the world, online or offline is by doing something that’s authentic and what comes naturally to them.

You may say, “Kushagra, but don’t you find people pretending a lot on social media?”

Yes, of course. But, perhaps even pretence comes naturally to some humans for they can sustain it for such a long period.

When I played this football based video game Fifa, there used to be an option of creating a new player for your favourite team. While creating the player, the game asked us to select the kind of attributes the player has.

Is the player naturally gifted?

Is he a late bloomer?

Is he an early bloomer?

I have realised that in my life, I’ve been a late bloomer or as I’d say, still wondering what it means to bloom. 🙂

As I ‘bloom’, I find the most joy in doing what comes naturally to me. In the case of social media, clicking pictures of food, clouds, and vistas is not natural for me. Even if say, that garners more attention.

I no longer have to subject myself to the cruelty and harshness of seeking validation by doing things that I do not enjoy.

I do not have to make an art gallery out of my Instagram page.
(Respect and admiration to the people who manage to do it though. They have a beautiful creative talent and a lot of patience.)

I like sharing:

  • My portrait pictures.
  • Pictures of my friends.
  • Pictures of Shri Krishna.
  • Pictures of the books I read.
  • I like sharing my written content.
  • Any photograph that gave me joy while I clicked it.

How Do We Give in to the Ego and Dull the Spirit’s Voice?

Saying yes to a career and relationship choice because society thought it to be right for me.

Saying yes to an expensive car because this might win approval.

Saying yes to soul dulling substances because that’s somehow in vogue.

Heck, even saying yes to meditation if it doesn’t come naturally just because so many around me tell its good.

Today’s memory notification teaches me the vital lesson to ‘follow’ the instincts that feel natural.

Thank you for reading until the end of the piece. Care to tell me your thoughts on reading this post? Have you ever found yourself gravitating towards soemthing that does not come natually to you? I eagerly look forward to hearing your experiences.

Stay vibrantly alive.


Recommendations for the Week:

  • A movie with a hot human called George Clooney, and a subtle life message.
  • An easy breezy read that makes you wiser.
  • A piece of music to make you instantly meditative and joyous.

4 thoughts on “‘Posing’ For instagram

  1. justmadhuri

    I have been stubbornly and fiercely sticking to only that which comes naturally to me and have been thoroughly frustrated when I had to act upto something because of social obligations.

    I have made peace now and the frustration has diminished in leaps and bounds. I have stopped pretending even for extended family. Have accepted their reactions as natural to them.


  2. islejazz

    For past 10 days I have only been doing things that is coming naturally to me. However, I think I am procrastinating doing things that are necessary. How do we resolve this conflict? How do we find that balance between giving in to your whims and practicing what is essential? Because somehow my body doesn’t wants to do the essential and my heart has been succeeding in manipulating my head which is kind of in a vulnerable state now.

    And don’t we need to put efforts to become good at things? If we wait for the natural calling won’t we end up doing nothing at all?


    1. Prashant Kumar

      Kushagra bhai, I would like to read your reply to this comment. I do suffer from the same. My opinion is it has to do with willpower. If we know what is right for us, we should be determined to do what is apppropriate for us in the long run. We must not give in to the impulses. Procrastination is a big issue. It can be tackled by our determination, discipline, and urge to succeed and to be good at what is essential for us.


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