Circle Of Goodness

My dear friend Aditi shared an inspiring story of an acquaintance of hers who recovered from depression by reading books and talking with her. Aditi was incredibly kind to share the news and somehow even share the credit with me. She told me that she had shared books with her acquaintance that had been recommended by me to her at one point. The name of the two books that I had recommended will be revealed later in the post. I want you to keep you reading the post. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

In my podcast episode What Goes Around Comes Around, I spoke about the unwanted karmic frisbee.

One person who dumps their anger upon another starts this kind of cycle. Let’s say, person A gets angry upon person B and uses harsh words. Person B, if capable of retorting would do so, if not, they’d suppress the hurt. If person B is not on the path of spirit and healing, he/she would then dump the anger on someone who is in the position of subordination to B, say C. C continues with the cycle. If along the cycle, people find no human to take out their frustration and anger, they would do so upon animals or inanimate objects even.

I recently read a quote online that I found to be so profound and impactful. It went something like:

“If you never heal from what hurt you, you’ll bleed on people who did not cut you.”

It becomes so significant in such a context to be part of the right circle and not a vicious negative one.

We all can gauge now by the above example why it is said that hurt people, hurt people. In the same breath, I’d like to add that lesson from the story of Aditi’s acquaintance coming out of depression with her help and presence is that:

Healed people, heal people ๐Ÿ™‚

After listening to Aditi and the story she shared, I started thinking about how I read the two books I go on recommending to anyone willing to be on the path of growth.

My father brought the Gita in 1998 at the insistence of a devotee in Iskcon. He kept the book in our home library and as is the case with most Hindus and their spiritual booksโ€”they worship it but do not read it, so was the case with Gita. Bhagavan Krishna inspired me to pick it up in 2007. That transformed my life into an unrecognisable state. It has helped me serve almost everyone who has come into my life. Notice the incredible synchronicity and positive circle created by one right decision made by my father.

A decade later, I had one of the worst phases of my life. I had a significant fall out with someone I considered an idol, left theatre, broke up with the first love of my life and excused myself from Civil engineering for good. Jobless, aimless, full of self-doubts, guilt-tripping myself for all the challenges life threw my way and disconnected with even Krishna. I, fortunately, sought therapy that in a way, has led to a better state of life where I am right now. However, another important event occurred that led to Aditi’s acquaintance’s healing in one way. Life is so mystical, I tell you!

Back then in September 2017, My friend Sheetal sent me a book that had the most profound impact on me since reading the Bhagavad Gita as a teenager in 2007. Here’s the fascinating part- The lessons I derived from the book helped me, help Sheetal herself a year later when she found herself challenged by life. Karmic frisbee at it’s best. ๐Ÿ™‚

When I was down in the dumps, Sheetal called and said I’m sending you this fantastic book called, ‘You Can Heal Your Life‘ by Louise Hay. She told me a friend of hers had been applying teachings from the book experiencing profound changes. I should try it out as well. As mentioned, I ascribe the book to be the second most impactful book in my life. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m fascinated by how one act of heartfelt sharing by one individual can be for so incredibly impactful and positive ripple effect for so many lives.

Aditi’s sharing helped me reaffirm the power of sharing positive things in the world. It also inspires me further to be a part of a positive life cycle than a cycle of any lower vibrational energy.

I humbly invite you as well on board the circle of positivity. Unabashedly share the good in your life and serve. Let’s heal, bond, grow and transform together.

Thank you for reading the post. I’d be ever so grateful if you share a related story from your life about the circle of goodness.


  • Movie: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Heart warming, wonderful acting and unique storyline. I’m sure most cinema lovers would have seen this. If not then please do.
  • Book: Anxious People by Fredrik Backman. The famous author’s latest is as good as any of his previous books. Touching, mellow and full of subtle life lessons through a melange of memorable characters. Do read.
  • Show: All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspurs has me hooked. If you are a football fan, this just cannot be missed. It has led me to be even more addicted to the beautiful game.

2 thoughts on “Circle Of Goodness

  1. justmadhuri

    Thanks Khushagra , I truly believe in the healing effect of sharing the good and divine intervention at the right point of time.


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