A Bit On Faith

A day back, I assisted a guided meditation for a group of people on creating a consciousness of abundance. In the meditation, we imagined ourselves standing on an ocean shore and soak in the abundance that is available from the universe to each one. This exercise is fascinating because it goes on to show how each one of us accepts blessings from the universe as per our capacity to receive.

I found it intriguing how each one of us who was involved in the exercise had their way of collecting the richness that the universe gave away. Some collected it in the palm of their hands, some in their arms, some had buckets!

I mainly wanted to stress on the point that there is no need for competition or be a part of any ‘rat race’. I mean, why be part of one when the supreme consciousness has not made you a rat. We saw how each one who was at the shore collecting their share of abundance didn’t affect the other person’s share at all.

It is so imperative to drill in this consciousness in our day and time. How we perceive the world hugely impacts the kind of experience we get to have here.

What are your ideas about life?

Do you believe you deserve the richness and fullness of life?

Do you think that one gets rich only by unfair means or by stepping upon another?

In my podcast episode ‘How to Hoodwink Destiny‘, I narrated the story of a couple who manage to lead an abundant life despite having a प्रारब्ध or ‘kismet’ of serving horses.

As soon as we bring ourselves to a consciousness that we are more than just this body and focus on crafting a connection with Spirit, the easier life becomes. In that state, we often find a space for miracles, magical manifestations, healings, ideas, abundance etc.

I remember I wanted to begin this blog since last year. However, I was hesitant and fearful.


Because I didn’t know where and how I will find ideas to churn out a blog a week.

I had previously written on Medium and for an e-magazine once in a while. That had not required any formal commitment. To embark on a weekly blog meant to get more serious about writing. I wasn’t sure if I was up to it.

However, this brilliant idea struck me that I do not have to write the blogs as much as how I have to force a breath or grow nails. If Krishna (Spirit) wants me to create something, the idea will be supplied. It’s funny because even when I write this, I felt I was out of any significant idea to structure a piece together for this week’s blog. Yet here I am! I am amazed at how Spirit has helped me in every step of the process for the past six months, even when I had doubts.

Past few weeks have been slightly challenging on a mental and emotional level and just sharing this idea with you gives me a lot of personal courage. 🙂

Bhagavan Krishna advises in Bhagavad Gita that under the influence of false ego, we tend to consider ourselves the sole cause of our actions. There are always so many more forces involved in each action that we perform than just our will and effort.

Faith is that magical formula that makes things happen. Every apparent wrong is corrected; every challenge leads the way to opportunity.

In the Ramayana when Bhagavan Ramachandra leads his monkey and bear army to the ocean shore without any concrete plan on how to cross it, one monkey puts it brilliantly,

“The one who helps souls cross the ocean of birth and death will surely help us cross this ocean.”

Above is a classic example of having faith in the face of overwhelming challenges.

This week I urge you to find your faith in something bigger than sensory perception.

Bless you, with joy, laughter and harmony.



  • Book: The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor. Scientific studies and researches that back the idea of seeking happiness as the top goal ensures better work, health, relationships and life. I loved it.
  • Podcast: In the last week’s episode, I shared a cure to stop overthinking using an example from the life of Jesus Christ. Tune in.
  • Song: Sounds of Isha always gets it right. Here’s a beautiful offering.

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