Unlearning And Learning Part 2

Some essential reminders I shared last time got humbling encouragement from many of you. Inspired by that and also my resolve to write a part two anyway to the previous blog (ha ha), here are some more reminders for life. In case you missed part 1, you can read it here.

  • Give people second chances. If they need any more, then stop 🙂
  • Love yourself enough to say no to the things that make you feel uncomfortable. You are not an actor in a mountain dew commercial. If your body resists something, don’t indulge in that.
  • Smell nice, groom and bathe. Please. 🙏🏼
  • The content you consume can consume not just your time but your consciousness. Choose wisely. If you want to be peaceful, joyous and motivated, choose accordingly.
  • There is no thrill in putting another person down, including you. If you feel another person behaves inimically to what you think you deserve, be vocal about it. More self-love. 🙂
  • People can make out your genuineness or lack of it. If you genuinely wish people well, you will have it reciprocated.
  • Envy makes you a loser. You do not know anyone’s story or what they did in this life or previous to deserve abundance in any form. Don’t burn in jealousy. Celebrate others’ success or if that doesn’t come naturally, ignore and engage in mental gymnastics of gratitude and prayers.
  • On the same note, others having more never translates into a lack for me. The universe is capable of fulfilling each one’s desires.
  • If you constantly endeavour to grow, happiness does not remain a utopian idea. Just like a stuck water body becomes stale, humans need to keep flowing and moving from one state to another. The more you learn, the more you feel good about yourself.
  • “If you can’t handle me at my worst…” No soul should handle you at your worst. You’re not a child, nor an obligation for any human being. Your behaviour is solely your responsibility, as is your state of mind. Excuses be damned!
  • You can be a scientist in your day-to-day life. Re-examine personal beliefs, ideas and opinions.
  • There is so much wisdom in ancient practices. Not all are relevant in our time, but having a scientific temper will ensure we do not reject something for the sake of modernity. Try, practice, experience and conclude.
  • Oscar Wilde once said, “When I was young, I used to think that money is the most important thing in life. Now that I’m older, I know that it is.” Spend appropriate, be charitable but seek/learn how to grow your savings. Schools and universities will not teach financial wisdom. It is our prerogative to learn about wealth and its management.
  • I have yet to come across anyone indisciplined who is truly wealthy. If I cannot grasp the concept of discipline=freedom, I have little scope to succeed in life.
  • On the same note, I am also yet to come across a truly successful person who doesn’t rise with the morning Sun and who is frivolous with their nighttime routine. While it is understandable that not all people are identical, the window of opportunity to grow that “sattva” filled morning hours can provide is unmatched. Whether you seek God or material energy, early morning hours can transform your life.
  • Be curious about others but please be sensitive. No one owes you any right to share every detail about their life. Do not make others feel uncomfortable on purpose. Be wise and aware of not overstepping your boundaries even if you deeply care–This is extra-important in intimate relationships.
  • Human touch is a beautiful thing; it is a gift from the divine. An aware human should always be mindful of the kind of touch one gives. Respect your body temple to not allow just about any sort of touch in your space. I elaborate on it in a podcast episode which has been getting good feedback. ☺️
  • A lovely lesson I learned from Spiderman (Aunt May): If you help someone, you help everyone. That someone can be yourself. 🙂
  • Learn to be okay being alone for the things you enjoy doing: eating out, travel, movie time etc. While undoubtedly the activities mentioned above are ALWAYS much more fun in the right kind of company; however that makes you dependent. Dependency is harrowing slavery. The only person to be dependent upon is Bhagavan Shri Krishna. (insert the name of whatever you consider as the highest or purest in your life)
  • Laughter and jokes are a gift. To share them with friends is also a blessing. However, jokes at inappropriate times can cause immense pain and lead to fractured relationships. Especially constant banter. I have noticed there are only precious few people who can make jokes all the time and still be funny, and rarely does anyone take offence.
  • Truly profound learning for me recently is an idea shared by someone. They said to stop bothering about what any politician or political party is up to. Their careers and life path are sorted; please focus on yours. Mind-blowing. Unless we get paid for our political ideas and opinions, it doesn’t make much sense to keep dabbling our brains and energies in low vibration-inducing political chatter. Also, I have never met one happy soul who keeps their mind hooked on such stuff.
  • Lastly, let us hydrate more and smile a lot more 🙂

The above is a list which I feel will keep growing if I keep living (and learning). There was a time I used to flinch at all the mistakes and errors committed in the past. I now feel differently. If I cannot look back on the past and cringe, then that means I have been stagnant. Maybe I can even look back at the version I am now and have a few cringe-inducing thoughts. I already do cringe thinking about the Kushagra from the start of this year, and I’m sincerely grateful to Shri Krishna for the constant updating of my software 😁

Thank you for investing your time in reading this piece and all the other blogs. If you’ve landed here for the first time, I sincerely thank you for choosing to read this. Even if you decide not to return and read anything more, I’m still grateful you gave your time.

May your software keep getting necessary updates.




One Hundred Years of Lenni and Margot by Marianne Cronin. The book moved me to tears. Immensely gratifying, full of heartfelt emotions. A story of friendship between a 17-year-old girl and an 83-year-old woman. One of the best I have read this year.

Island of Missing Trees by Elif Shafak. Elif makes poetry out of prose. Her books have an underlying sense of melancholy; they are impactful yet never depressing. She is supremely talented. The story is about the impact war, migration, and religious feuds have on individuals. Good read.

TV Show:

Ted Lasso, The Good Place, and The Office are my सदाबहार (evergreen) recommendations. 😁

I have recently started watching a new show which has had me quite hooked. The show is called Severance and is available on Apple Tv. The conceptualization is fascinating. Check it out and see if it suits your taste. 😃

One thought on “Unlearning And Learning Part 2

  1. mukesh

    Very nice! I must inculcate these things and keep reminding myself to become aware of myself and live blissfully.

    More and more to learning –
    Forgiving oneself and starting to love oneself.
    By forgiving myself I will not be too critical about myself and will be aware of my mistakes.

    You have nicely elaborated in the article how important it is to love oneself.

    More than the theory discussion, you have shared your learnings from life (In a practical approach) – which can be applicable on a universal level as well. One who can connect to your message will find serenity and the perfect way to lead his or her life.

    How to Live life – in bliss, eternity and knowledge – that’s the major take away.


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