I Won’t Kill You But I don’t Have To Save You Either

Young Bruce witnesses his parents murdered right before his eyes. That one incident leads him onto a journey that gives us the legend of Batman. The story of Batman created by Bob Kane has inspired numerous people since its inception. No interpretation, however, has been as magical and engaging as the one by Mr Nolan. Not on cinematic medium anyway.

The Dark Knight Trilogy is a masterpiece in every aspect. Acting, writing, direction, visuals, music. You name it.

In the first part of the trilogy, Batman Begins, Bruce avows to not kill. He may beat criminals up to a pulp, hang them from the top of buildings, drive dangerously on the streets of Gotham (sometimes on rooftops even) but, no killing.

In the climax scene of Batman Begins, Batman is on a tube train that’s about to crash into a building. His nemesis and teacher, Ra’s Al Ghul is engaged in a battle with him. This Ra’s guy is a deranged loony who thinks the world needs a reset button (oh wait, that actually makes a lot of sense).

Ghul has unleashed a vapourised chemical upon Gotham. That chemical once inhaled through the lungs gives human beings a free goosebumps experience. Of course Batma spoils this noble evil plan of Ra’s.

When the Batman manages to pin down Ra’s, he has two options:

  1. Either fly away solo
  2. Take Ra’s with him and save him.

He chooses the first option.

Before flying away, Batman says to Ra’s

“I don’t have to kill you, but I don’t have to save you either.”

Okay to Fly Away?

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People can end up draining you.

Relationships, work or family, the things that are a significant part of life can sometimes become a pain.

The very things that once gave you joy can turn into a horror.

What to do in such a scenario?

Can you ‘kill’ something ( a relationship) precious to you?

Can you be an aggressor towards something that’s nourished you in the past?

Not really. It never is easy.

In fact, the premise one of the most incredible scriptures known to humans, the Bhagwad Gita is the same. Arjuna gets cold feet at the prospect of engaging in warfare against his filial connections.

Fortunately, not everyone has to go through such dramatic circumstances.

Do you speak up against a perceived injustice within the family?

Do you let a loved one know that their behaviour is off track?

Is it okay to walk away from something that doesn’t bring joy to your heart and soul?

If we were to take into account, the wisdom of Batman in Batman Begins, most certainly YES!

Give it Back?

Expression of grief and explanation of anger can be freeing. The problem is one doesn’t know when it can go out of hand.

It’s still okay to try. Try and make people see reason, see sense.

What if they’re not willing to relent?

Sensitive people face a lot of moral issues. They are slighted by a hint of harsh behaviour from others. But, if they give it back, they end up wallowing in guilt.

It’s best to take the middle path.

It’s okay to walk away.

Walking away doesn’t mean you’ve closed the door; it means you are willing to choose your peace over another’s drama.

Aeroplane Wisdom

The flight attendants carefully instruct and demonstrate to the passengers that in a case of emergency, it’s advised to first attend to yourself then think of helping another. The catch being, if you cannot breathe yourself properly, how can you expect to serve another?

It’s alright to put on that oxygen mask.

It’s alright to choose yourself.

A societal construct of morality should not let you wilt in an equation that robs you of your soul’s light.

If someone else cannot see your light and if another is unwilling to mend their ways, hey, it’s okay to fly away.

I conclude by sharing a quote of Bhagwan Shri Krishna, Bhagwad Gita, 2.66

“And how can there be any happiness without peace?”

Love, laughter, harmony and peace



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One thought on “I Won’t Kill You But I don’t Have To Save You Either

  1. Prashant Kumar

    It’s very well written and there’s a lot to learn from Batman. I have just seen a movie and you have learnt from it. I should have also chosen the path of walking away in one incident as I do regret sometimes not choosing it.


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