Take It Easy

We are living in times where hustle and productivity are glorified. Some motivational speakers and coaches too fuel the sentiments towards that idea. Hustle has its merit, of course. If you have a burning desire, you would ideally want to work with steadfast determination towards the desire’s manifestation. Productive days lead to success, no doubt.

I have started expressing doubts over the universal application of this idea, though.

Is everyone cut out for a hustle based life?

Can everyone sustain and thrive if they just keep ‘pushing’ themselves?

I remember one time when our school organised a picnic (it did not sadly happen too often!), I didn’t have to be woken up by my mother. I was so excited to be going for the picnic that I woke up by myself. All because I was brimming with joy and excitement.

Someone I knew had a habit of sleeping late in the morning and sometimes even until the afternoon! However, when she had to catch an early morning show of ‘Avengers: End Game‘, she did not need any motivation to get up early.

What these two examples demonstrate is that there is no ‘hustle’ when you are full of joy and excitement about something.

The Right Goal

A young child laughing

The Upanishads, an incredible source of Vedic wisdom, describe how each being in all of manifestation is only after joy. We all seek it in different ways; right from an ant to Brahma (who’s credited to be the creator as per the Vedic literature).

The goalpost of happiness, though keeps shifting with each accomplishment.

Let’s clear the board exams with good marks, and we’ll be happy.

Once we’re through intermediate school, we’ll be happy.

Once we get into college, that’ll be it.

Getting a well-paid job or starting a new business— that’s where real happiness lies.

I wonder if we have been going about our happiness quest the wrong way. The past couple of weeks haven’t been as productive for me as I’d have ideally liked. I found myself dilly-dallying on work, personal routine and other things relevant to me. Fortuitously, as I sat down to write this blog, I embraced a precious piece of wisdom— first establish yourself in joy then do your work.


  • A smile
  • A few minutes spent in gratitude
  • Few deep breaths
  • A kind word to your own self
  • Affirming that it is I am doing the best I can and that it is okay to take it easy

BOOM! Magic. I start feeling better, and what does that translate into?

Productivity! 😁

To the ones who’re struggling with productivity, why don’t we try and take it easy? We may have tried harshness, criticism, stimulants amongst other things, let us try and normalise just be-ing.

Dear reader, I pose you a few questions for contemplation.

How do you usually take the chill pill?

Where in your life do you need to take it easy?

Share it with me if you like.

Thank you so much for reading this.

Wish you joy, laughter, harmony and health ✨


One thought on “Take It Easy

  1. justmadhuri

    Yes, it’s definitely helpful to take it a bit easy! Sometimes setting aside the hardest thing ahead for just a few minutes and visualising a sense of ease with which it’s going to flow helps me.

    Thanks for this write, shows me there are many more in the same space as me:)


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