Pro And Anti

Most of the people I observe on social media and in the world around have become so anti-everything. Social media has become a market place of thoughts, opinions and ideas. Despite the negativity surrounding many of the social media platforms, I still believe that its pros outweigh the cons. The topic of being anti though comes especially to the fore in case of elections. 

For the sake of my mental health and purpose in life, I avoid listening and reading the news because my already programmed brain doesn’t need more bias supplied to it. These days though largely people bring their political ideas even on social media platforms. If you are present and active on social media, you cannot escape glancing at such posts. When I say people, I do include myself even though it is a work in progress for me to keep aside what my bias leads me towards and share what I actually believe in— kindness, goodness, joy and the love-hate relationship with Manchester United Football Club

When the most powerful country in the world goes for elections, it, of course, attracts eyeballs. I see so much hate and bile against the man right now occupying the highest office in the US. Those people, having a presidential style of democracy, have a clear second option. Yet, mostly, I observe, its anti-the current man than pro the alternative. 

All of this reminds me of a quote attributed to Mother Teresa:

“Don’t call me for an anti-war rally. If there’s a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”

We all have observed a similar pattern, even in our country. The current person in the Prime Minister’s office has been riding on ‘others v me’ wave since 2002. Considering how much energy is consolidated for him, it is no surprise he keeps winning. 

So much energy is spent on thinking what is wrong and what is not working rather than what can and what should. 

A rape case that rocked Delhi years back brought people out on the streets in large numbers. A massive struggle did manage to awaken the nation (or so we assumed) to the grim reality of violence against women. Recent news reports seem to indicate that nothing much has changed. I see many of friends moved tremendously at the atrocities committed. Most voices again are raised ‘against’ injustice, ‘against’ the violence, ‘against’ the perpetrators. Sadly, little talk of reform; little talk about to raise children and program a conscious society that is not divided by feminism, meninism etc. but based upon a soul vision as prescribed by Bhagavan Krishna

Think of how ships sail or planes fly. These miraculous feats were achieved when someone was contemplating on how to sail and how to fly as opposed to sinking and gravity and so forth.

Through this post, I urge you to look at things with a fresh perspective. Take a moment and reflect on your life. How often are you dwelling upon what is missing as opposed to what you desire? 

The massive energy that is spent contemplating lack if redirected towards how to usher progress, growth and desires can bring magical transformation in life. 

Intend peace, harmony, joy and love. 

Contemplating how to sail the ship of my life,



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One thought on “Pro And Anti

  1. islejazz

    A very relevant read for all the times. You had discussed this with me and I must tell you that it had made tremendous effect on me. A shift in thinking can create wonders. If only the same can be petered to the large masses. If only we could harness the power of collective positive thinking.

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