The Power of Intent

“Be thankful for what you have now because the things you have right now are what you once wished for.”

The above quote is something we all would have heard or read at some point in time, and today I could deeply appreciate the sentiment behind it. So often, we go through life oblivious that many things we once desired have been delivered by the universe.

I journal using an app called Day One, which I may have mentioned about another time as well here on the blog if you’re a regular here. I use a digital journal because, hey, there is no denying our reliance and dependence on our gadgets these days. Secondly, the benefit of a digital journal is privacy. Thirdly, it is about the little reminders that come in the form of “on this day last year”.

Today my previous year’s journal entry reminded me about:

  • My unhealthy addiction to Moong Dal Barfi, which I used to gorge like Kumbhkaran eating food after six months of sleep
  • A lack of discipline and direction my a personal health practice
  • A desire to get addicted to yoga

My Yoga teachers training was a few months away at this time last year. As I reflect back upon my state back then, what struck me is how I had the right intentions to improve despite the challenges back then. There was a longing to be in a better state of being. One year on, a lot has changed by the absolute divine grace of spirit- Krishna, inspirational friends and dedicated teachers.

If you listen to successful humans talk about their life, you find a common thread; them setting positive intentions and having a sincere desire to improve. They would also tell you, especially those humans who have an active connection to the spirit, that the ‘how’ the intention manifests is not as essential as setting an intention and surrendering.

The method they employ is:

  • to see where there is a lack in their life,
  • set a positive desire, intention for the same,
  • do their daily duties with gratitude
  • Not worry about how the intention will fructify
  • Most importantly, have faith in the divine 🙂

An idea that has really resonated with me is to set intentions and free yourself from the anxiety of its fulfilment. I find this idea in resonance with the teachings of Bhagavan Shri Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita and something that frees me from ego and brings me peace.

I am not the controller, there are factors beyond my control, yet the universe is always helping each one if they are willing to attune to it.

As I observe how much my relationship with my body, cravings, food and discipline has improved, I can authentically appreciate the power of setting positive intentions.

I implore you, dear reader, to introspect and reflect. What aspect of your life do you have an intense yearning to improve upon?

Is it your interpersonal relationship?




A creative engagement?

What positive intention do you wish to set today?

Write it down. Set a reminder for this time next year, and who knows, life may positively surprise and overwhelm you. 🙂

Thank you for reading until the end of the blog. I hope the post sparks ideas that bring inspiration and hope. If you liked it, I would appreciate it if you shared it with someone you reckon can benefit.

I have a special announcement. This December, I will be conducting a free “Journaling Journey” program. I had previously conducted it last year in July and had a humbling response. More than a ton of people journeyed along in discovering more about themselves and appreciate the joy of expressing for your own self. If you are interested, please drop an email to kenshosandsatoris@gmail(dot)com with the subject: Journaling Journey.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Always wishing you joy and peace,


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If you are on my Instagram, you may have noticed me waxing eloquent about Ted Lasso. I cannot recommend it enough. The character makes me want to be a better human, and I cannot pay it a higher compliment.

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