Teddy bear and Jesus

A crow was once flying with a piece of meat in its beak. Slowly it was surrounded by many other crows, all trying to obtain that meat from the bird. No matter how hard the crow with the meat in its beak tried, the other birds wouldn’t relent. It was only when the bird dropped that piece of meat, did it gain peace.

This excerpt (not verbatim) from unarguably the greatest Puranic scripture of Bharat, the Srimad Bhagwatam is a timeless anecdote in teaching humans the value to detachment. We cling on so tightly, sometimes in life that it becomes painful. Peace comes from letting go.

Sacrifice and Hope

Without sacrifice, one can never live happily on this planet or in this life: what then of the next?

I saw this image a few years back scrolling my Facebook feed. The universe, as represented by Jesus here, is asking the small girl her tiny teddy in exchange for a bigger one.

The Virus has disrupted lives of almost two-third of the human beings on the planet. Many of us are left wondering about all the things that we have lost because of this Virus– business opportunities, money, travel, time and lives. One cannot deny that a lot has been asked by the universe from all of us. Cutting across any pompous show of positivity, let’s admit that it’s been a test of endurance, patience and mental fortitude.

Whether or not you believe in a personal form of divinity or you’re ignorant, all are on the same boat when it comes to experiencing life events. The advantage a sincere spiritual seeker has is the power of her perception. When life demands more, your faith is your most essential tool.

Can we trust a bit more, imagine, make-believe if you will?

Perhaps there is something of enormous significance that awaits us on an individual as well collective level?

Would we be willing to extend our arms and welcome what comes towards you with grace?

You may now go like, “Kushagra, but you just mentioned about cutting across a pompous show of positivity, did you not?”

Yes, I most certainly did.

I am not trying to serve you baseless, sentimental crap. Your mind is a meaning-making machine. You decide what you wish to experience in life; what meaning you attach to all life events. Any challenge is our life can either be an opportunity to moan or to learn. Make that choice. Choose the bigger teddy bear.

Lord Krishna says in Bhagwad Gita, 4.31

Without sacrifice, one can never live happily on this planet or in this life: what then of the next?

Hang on for a little while more. We are going to get through.

I humbly wish and hope that this post helps in reminding you to keep yourself uplifted, vibrant and hopeful.

Love teddy bears no matter what size,


P.S. Sometimes you get to keep both teddy bears, the big one and the small one.

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