Lesson from Dravid on Handling a Crisis

What is it that attracts you towards sports? Is it the game itself or the ones who play?

Almost every Indian child who grew up in the 90’s loved Cricket, and it was brought upon by a man called Sachin Tendulkar. The man’s genius brought the entire nation to a standstill when he walked on the cricket pitch. His aura was such that to some, he was even more significant than the game he played. While Sachin had a huge fan following when he played the game, a man who’s fan following was arguably only increased since his retirement is Mr. Rahul Dravid.

Mr. Dravid may not have been flamboyant in his approach to the game of cricket but, everyone knew he was dependable in the times of need. When the opposition attacked ferociously, Mr. Dravid stalled them adroitly. Tellingly, he was nicknamed The Wall.

What was that quality that made Dravid so unique?

He could play every ball on its merit. He rarely pre-meditated his strokes. If a ball was loose, he’d strike it. If the ball was at a good length, he’d defend it or let it go.

Dravid’s playing style is a massive lesson for our lives as well. We all may not be cricketers wielding willow and facing leather balls in a high tension atmosphere of the cricket ground. But, we all do face myriads of challenges in our day to day life.

COVID-19 is one such challenge. It has brought mass hysteria, anxiety and of course, fear.

People are left wondering:

What next?

Even if we manage to avoid contraction by being safe in our homes, what about the economy?

What if there’s another extension of the lockdown?

In times of unprecedented challenges, we are often left confused, anxious, worried and shook. Past is dead, future uncertain, present challenging. It’s an alarming scenario.

Think of it as if you’re chasing a massive score in a test cricket match and most of your star batsmen are out, and you’re stuck with Venkatesh Prasad at the non-striker’s end.

In such times, we need to channelise Mr Dravid’s wisdom which is to play, each ball on its merit.

Time and again, life teaches you that nature is supreme. Your own plans are insignificant in front of the cosmic plan. What may happen the next moment itself is unpredictable. What you have with you is the ‘present’—The power to take life as it comes moment by moment without getting anxious about the next ‘ball’.

Life can surprise us. No one would’ve ever thought a virus would bring humanity globally on their knees. Yet, it is a reality. A solution, a vaccine may also be on its way tomorrow. We just have to wait for that delivery. And while we wait, we can keep playing the tricky balls being bowled by life with stability, patience and courage.

Dravid wisdom is not something to be applied just now but also for any kind of challenge that we may face in life. Life can never be free of struggles, so it is only wise to develop an attitude that can be of use in every situation of your life.

Shri Krishna shares in Bhagwad Gita (2.15)

The person who is not disturbed by happiness and distress and is steady in both is certainly eligible for liberation.

May we all be blessed with patience and courage to face the challenges.

Love and laughter,

3 thoughts on “Lesson from Dravid on Handling a Crisis

  1. Hemant Shandilya

    Comparision of D WALL with this atmoshphere of Covid19 is good. Best Example how to live in this challanging time.All human being need to be duck from d bouncers of NATURE .All d best
    Hare krishna


  2. islejazz

    “The person who is not disturbed by happiness and distress and is steady in both is certainly eligible for liberation.”

    This one statement has always inspired me to stay composed. I am not very adept at it though. But it does feel that continued practice will help me gain some ground on it.

    I was really awed at the writing in this post K. Your vocabulary is so amazing. And the best thing is it is exquisite yet simple.

    Haven’t ever been a cricket fan, but Dravid has always inspired. This post also reminds me of another quote from Rudyard Kipling – “If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
    And treat those two impostors just the same:”

    Keep growing Kushagra.


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