The Power of a Gaze

Our college had organised a cultural fest for the first time in our time back there in 2010. My friend, Abhijeet (currently, Inspector of Central Excise and GST in Puducherry) advised me to sign up for the debate competition. I complied, and when the curators asked me to choose a topic, for once in my life, I feigned confidence and said,

“Give me whichever topic you want, I know I’m gonna ace this.”

I won the competition. First-ever time being ‘first’ in anything in life.

(That’s why kids its always good to speak positive affirmations to yourself, even if it’s in jest. Also, a healthy reminder never to put yourself down, even if it’s in jest.)

It’s a sweet memory from my college life. In fact, one of the very best. Whenever I reflect upon it though, I cannot forget what actually ensured I ended up blabbering something about women reservation with ease and confidence.

I was up against a senior from another department who seemed much more assured. As I got on the stage to speak, I had that funny feeling that you get below the rib cage often when your brain feels it’s a desperate situation. We can term it anxiety, we can term in stage fright. You pick. I began speaking with haste and an intense pace. As if I was missing out on watching a live Manchester United game.

Although, what could have potentially been a disaster on stage was averted.


I looked at my friend, Abhijeet, sitting in the first row of the assembled audience, and he just nodded his head kindly towards me and gestured me to calm down and speak with ease. No words, a mere gesture and a reassuring look. That’s it.


I did not pay heed to that funny feeling in the chest anymore. I do not even remember how the rest of the debate went by.

I won.

I was also handed money (pic attached of the envelope in which I received the money; I have kept it as a memento) as a reward for winning the competition. I smile even as I write it.

“I was also handed money (pic attached of the envelope in which I received the money; I have kept as a memento) as a reward for winning the competition.”

Yet, what inspired me to speak with confidence?

One look; that’s it.

Just one reassuring look from a friend and I got the confidence to win something for the first time in life.

A story From The life of Tony Robbins.

Image source: Tonyโ€™s Instagram page

In one of his interviews, the top life coach on the planet, Tony Robbins revealed that as a teenager he and his family used to survive on precious little.

On one thanksgiving day, the Robbins family did not even have food to eat. Miraculously a kind stranger rang their to bell to gift them some food. That episode had such a profound impact on Tony’s life that he now feeds millions of people every year.

What started all of this?

One random act of kindness by a stranger. That one act of karma has now inspired a capable man to use his blessings to bring joy to millions.

Never Underestimate the Power of an Act of kindness.

“The seed of karma is such that more often than not, it doesn’t sprout where it’s planted.”

When we think of our impact on the world, we feel it can only be done once we have millions of followers or from the position of fame; That’s a debilitating idea. We do not need to be world-famous to add value in peoples lives. We do not necessarily need to splurge millions to contribute to charity. Even one small act of kindness can trigger amazing transformations in peoples lives. Case in point the two stories I shared above.

I’m certain that had my friend not given me that reassuring look when I started out with the debate, I’d have failed.

If someone didn’t make Tony believe in the power of sharing, he wouldn’t be doing the phenomenal work that he is doing right now.

(It also means that both Tony and I are amazing human beings who learn to receive good things in life with gratitude and grace. I’m also phenomenally humble as is apparent.)

Never shy away from giving that compliment, extending that kind word, doing your own small (potentially magnificent) bit to uplift the people around.

Begin from home. Begin with your friends. I have always detested the idea that friends are supposed to only taking each other’s case and poke fun. No, sorry, everyone else is capable enough for that task. As a friend, uplift, motivate and inspire. As you form this habit, you can extend it to life around.

The seed of karma is such that more often than not, it doesn’t sprout where it’s planted.

You should know that it’s a law of life that the vibrations of goodness sent out in the Universe, always do find a route to come back when you are ready.

I hope with this blog, I could add a bit of inspiration to your life.

Do you have a story to share? A random act of kindness from a friend, family member or stranger that impacted you positively or vice-versa? Do share it with me.

I wish you joy, harmony, laughter and peace.


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