A Higher Taste and a Higher Purpose

Once the Pandavas leave their mortal bodies, Arjuna’s grandson, Parikshit becomes king. He rules only for a short period before he is cursed by a young sage to die of a snake bite within seven days.

Once Parikshit is informed of the curse, he embraces and accepts the curse with humility and grace. He decides to retire from active life and moves to the banks of a river to spend his last seven days in the company of wise ones. By the grace of the divine, he encounters a mystical being called Sukadev, son of Vyasa. Upon meeting Suka, Parikshit asks him two questions:

“How to live?”

“How to die?”

The Srimad Bhagavatam book, termed as the spotless scripture by Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, is essentially an answer to the above two questions.

Interior Designing

The news of a famous personality committing suicide has sent shock waves across the nation. I am one amongst them.

It is also telling on the society that we live in that every year 800,000 people commit suicide—one in every four seconds.

As I examine the cause of my discomfort (and of so many others like me), I pin it down to a few things:

  • What am I supposed to be aiming for when the people who supposedly have what society entails us to chase are succumbing to life’s trials?
  • The mortal nature of human body hits you hardest in case of a suicidal, murder or accidental death. Oops, you’re not eternal and what lies beyond is anybody’s guess.
  • A sense of powerlessness engulfs.

Well-intentioned people on social media started circulating messages about mental health and that they’re willing to listen. It is a positive thing that adversity helps people realise the power of extending themselves to serve fellow humans.

The problem however remains is that no individual is perfect. Unless you actively seek professional help, no guarantee even being heard can help ease emotional pain. I consciously refrained from making announcements about proferring support despite being a certified therapist because I know that :

  • Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of therapy.
  • I (or any other mortal) cannot guarantee absolute help.
  • Therapy needs an investment of money, even if it is not too much and most here seek everything for free.

I remember my teacher Abhishek Joshi sir of IJSS while training me in hypnotherapy once said,

“Ensure you try your best to empower people in a session or two. You do not know if the person will manage to commit to their healing journey for a long period and multiple sessions.”

I have sought therapy on various occasions over the past three years. It has helped me tremendously. I know of a few friends as well who’ve benefitted tremendously and have blossomed into happier individuals.

There is something else as well though that has kept me afloat amidst life’s reversals over the past thirteen years, and that is chanting the names of God (Krishna).

Turning Inwards

Free, simple, powerful, effective and result oriented is how I describe the process of connecting to the source of all that there is.

Human beings respond to sound in different ways. A soulful tune has the power to uplift one and all. A harsh, cruel sound uttered towards someone can destroy decades of steady equations and cause lasting damage.

Mantras are fundamentally sound arrangements deciphered by the ancients. They can be used with tremendous impact to strengthen your mental health and even aid in manifesting incredible abundance.

Across religions and cultures, one finds that the most natural way prescribed by the saints and prophets has been chanting the names of God.

Islam promotes the repetition of 99 names of Allah.

Bible says,

“Take thy name with all thy soul.”

Nanaka Dev (Sikhism) says,

“Nanak, naam jahaj hai. Jo chade so utare paar.” (Name of God is like the boat that helps one cross the material ocean of misery)

Another friend who practices Buddhism swears by her chanting process and the miraculous results it has created in her life.

The Vedic scriptures like Ramayana, Mahabharata and the best amongst them, The Srimad Bhagavatam declare that in the age of quarrel and hypocrisy, i.e., Kaliyug, the recommended path for being relieved of material miseries for all human beings is to chant the names of God (Krishna).

Even a few minutes of mindful mantra meditation:

  • uplifts your vibration,
  • helps you connect to the source of your life,
  • makes you feel safe and powerful.

You can experiment with this; I will share a few mantra sounds at the end of the blog. Listen to them with an open mind and heart. Pick one that you resonate to the most. Then, take a comfortable posture with your palms facing upwards, placed upon your thighs. Close your eyes and repeat the sounds aloud for a few minutes. Notice how you feel.

The experience of millions of people in the current age and of the countless previously, who have tried mantra meditation confirm that you will feel energised, relaxed and uplifted. Continue with the practice each day for a few minutes consistently for at least forty days. Thank me later.

This practice is not theological.

Millions of (intelligent) people have taken up Yoga all over the world despite it being a creation of Sanatana Dharma.

Motor cars are used worldwide despite them being an American invention. Even Iran or North Korea won’t stop using motor cars just because they formerly come from the USA.

Once a vaccination is in the market for Corona, no matter who develops it, ‘intelligent’ people would make use of it.

Why Mantra meditation

I can wax eloquent on the glories of the Holy name for many posts through various means and examples. But it would be best if you did not believe me. Get practical experience; try it out for yourself.

Sometimes when people take to Mantra meditation, and they do not feel a shift, it is because the accumulation of material conditioning upon their subconscious is vastly entrenched. To a patient suffering from Bile, even sugar candy doesn’t state sweet. Patience and perseverance help one overcome these strong conditionings.

“O Son of Kunti (Arjuna), declare it boldly that my devotee never perishes.”

Bhagavad Gita, 9.31

Nature of the human mind is such we get attracted to fanciful stuff while ignoring the simple and effective remedies. The process of connecting to the supreme divine is so easy. It comes without any conditions attached, and it is but a travesty that we are unable to make use a simple tool like mantra meditation.

“Even if one offers Me with love a leaf, a flower, a fruit or even water, I accept it.”

Bhagavad Gita, 9.26

The divine is not pleased by elaborate offerings; even offering a simple leaf with love and mindful chanting can relieve one of all kinds of fears.

To answer Parikshit’s question on how to live and how to die, Shri Sukadev explains that connection to the supreme through love and serving fellow living beings is the recommended process to follow. Essentially, a higher purpose and a higher taste.

I send my blessings to the reader of this post.

“All you need is love (Krishna)”


Mantra Suggestions

I’m attaching Spotify links of some mantras that I’m inspired to share. Listen to each with an open heart. Whichever sound you resonate to most, please pick it up and keep repeating it in meditations aloud and silently to yourself throughout the day. Your life will never be the same. 🙂

6 thoughts on “A Higher Taste and a Higher Purpose

  1. islejazz

    Thank you, Kushagra for sharing these wonderful resources. I had read in The Journey Home that not every mantra is for everyone. Also, that the best one is that which your guru gives to you. This thing about mantra chanting had stayed with me since I read the book.

    This post is so beautifully constructed and we’ll written. Your craft is becoming better with each passing day. You are such an inspiration.


  2. Abhijeet Singh

    A really thoughtful and carefully oriented article, brother. Thank you for sharing such wisdom portrayed in an easy manner. 😊🙏


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