emotional first aid

I recall a girl in our school who perhaps had some issue with her neck that she always had to keep it held unnaturally high. She used to move around the school and class, calling every second person a loser.

My friend Poorak had a really appropriate response to it when she made the mistake of calling him by that derogatory term.

“Oh, yea? Like you’ve won it all!”

The burn that happened somewhere within her brought her neck back to a level position.

I do not know why I share this little story with you all. I just recalled this incident as I began writing the blog, and let it be here.

I was speaking to a friend recently, and I could sense she felt apologetic for taking longer than usual to come out of a past emotional mess.

“Kushagra, you may think this is so stupid that I am still trapped in all this emotional mess…”

No, ma’am, no.

Kushagra will not make such an inhuman assumption of judging and labelling people stupid for taking time to come out of a mess. The Kushagra who took about two years himself to heal from a boo-boo he perceived to have made.

I find there is peer pressure in everything these days—even pressure to heal from something.

Here, we should take cues from nature. If you ever have had a wound (a physical one), you would have noticed that your body has its own intelligence to heal the skin. Yes, you do apply ointment or dab it with an anti-septic, but you do trust the body’s ability to heal itself.

Same goes for the heart.

You apply an ointment of self-love and acceptance over a wound and dab it with the seeking to learn from the situation brought to you by life. You then wisely surrender and trust your soul/higher-self/God to heal you at the right time.

There is no rush. There should be no rush.

From my personal experience with therapy, I realise that in our rush to heal, we end up suppressing a lot of emotions. These repressed emotions can be like poisonous toxins that you have to vomit out at some point or the other, then it gets all ugly. For example, a sea of emotions that I suppressed since childhood came gushing out and spiralled out of control a few years back.

I came across a mind-blowing quote sometime back:

“If you do not heal from what cut you, you’ll bleed over the people who didn’t hurt you.”

Healing takes time.

Healing is a process, a journey.

I strongly advise my dear ones and clients to please do allow your feelings to surface and allow yourself a safe space to express them.

You cannot compare your healing process with that of another.

Everyone is utterly unique, and comparison is a disease. Your healing process and timing is unique to you.

Give yourself some space.

An excellent hack for more self-acceptance is to treat yourself as you’d treat a dear family member, friend or lover. Ideally, towards a loved one, you’d be more compassionate, forgiving and understanding. Apply the same to yourself. 🙂

Bonus points for have a burning desire to get better and seek divine guidance on how to learn and grow from your situation.

Love and blessings,

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3 thoughts on “emotional first aid

  1. Ish Gupta

    Hello there!
    Thank you for sharing the story..
    This line, “Comparison is a disease” is going to stay with me. It resonates with me to agree with you- Everyone needs their own time to surface and resolve to their experiences in life..
    But, I pray for those who still not have anyone to open up their mind, and share their feelings…


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