Combating the tooth-brush anxiety: Seven tips to stay mindful and be present

Namaste, reader!

There’s a prequel to this blog. If you haven’t read the Tooth-brush anxiety, I highly recommend you check that out. However, this can be read as an independent piece as well.

What are we looking to achieve here?

Share some tips on how to stay mindful; not let this playful mind keep you distracted with thoughts of the past and what may happen (go wrong) in the future. Of course, unless you need the mind to traverse. It should be an obedient pet, not an uncontrolled master.

Let’s dive in.


Yes, this tool is that’s become an integral part of modern civilization’s conversations around wellness. I’m not going to preach you about its benefits here (although, if I may- reduced stress, a calmer mind and an ability to brag at dinner conversations). I assure you that if you are curious to try meditation, it really works. There are tons of meditations out there.

Be curious and seek. You’ll find one which suits you. Or consult a meditation teacher (or a hypnotherapist, ahem). And please for the sake of Shahrukh‘s stubble in Chak De India, meditation DOES NOT mean that you will become thoughtless. It’s like a mental gym to sharpen your tool of focus and concentration. Let thoughts come. If they don’t, check if you are still in the body.


Now you can’t always be in a meditative state when there are tweets to be sent, mails to be read, asinine captions to be put with IG pics and wash your hands! What happens when you’re at work or gallivanting in your daily routine? Take a minute or two’s break. Scan each and every part of your body mentally and relax it.


Give this a try.

Awaken Your Senses

Sounds esoteric but is super easy. You can try this exercise here as I guide you into it. Once again, it takes a couple of minutes and gets you in your body in a snap.

Take long slow walks

I used to hate these slow long walks. I like to walk brisk or even better jog or run. Alas, the winters in Delhi were quite harsh this time. Also doing any physical yoga became a challenge. I had to depend upon long walks in the garden to give my body some much-needed movement. What I gained from it was immense! Walking in nature (or anywhere unless it’s a crowded Indian market like Chandni Chowk) is such a great exercise in grounding yourself. You can even try walking bare feet on grass. That’s like the next level of mindfulness practice.

Oh, and an additional tip- it helps in Shani (Saturn) related astrological troubles. Win.

Avoid Multi-tasking

Why this point is in capital letters is because it is a note to self. Though I can confidently presume that it’s an ailment that afflicts the majority of the humanity these days. Technology has made life super easy and efficient but also has had us fool ourselves, thinking we can do multiple things at a time. My situation is so extreme that I brought a speaker for my bathroom to ensure I can hear spiritual lectures or podcasts even while I take a shower. Sigh. My realization, though, has been that when we muti-task, we often miss the essence of the activities we are trying to muti-task. Usually, I’ve had to go back to the tasks I was multi-tasking upon. So instead of saving time, it led to me spending more time. Not cool, no?


Listening to a song on the radio or your electronic device focussing on the lyrics and sounds can be magical if you pay attention. Some of my suggested sounds are mantras and chants like Aum Namah Shivaye, Hare Krishna, Aum Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaye, Brahamananda Swarupa, Nirvana Shatakam.

Give them a try.

You’d thank me later. ✌🏼

There is one cool hack to increase while you work. Look up Baroque Music on YouTube, or your preferred music streaming app. Baroque music has been scientifically proven to improve your focus while you work.

In fact, I’m listening to one as I write this. You are very welcome once again.

Helping someone

I love this one. I never knew doing something for someone who cannot pay you back or giving without any expectation of receiving can be so satiating. This may not seem to go with the usual tips of increasing mindfulness. Still, it’s such a powerful practice to bring you out of the dreary “what about me” pattern of thoughts. Once you taste the high that comes from serving another, I can assure you, you will never look at life the same way. Anxiety, depression and other mental ailments can be a thing of the past.

Helping someone does not necessarily mean, being part of a voluntary set-up. Charity begins at home. See how you can be of value and service to people around you. Trust me, serving the people we know inside out can be a humungous task as it requires us to keep aside our bias sometimes.

I posed a question on my Instagram to ask my tribe there as to how they keep themselves grounded and present, sharing a few of the responses I liked.

Oh, and one person said, staring at the fan. Whatever floats your boat, folks…

Thank you for reading this, dear reader. I’m so, so grateful that I’m able to write and present my thoughts on personal growth. I’m blessed to get an audience who interacts and shares their insights too. Please let me know if this piece was useful to you. If it sparked something of value, do not forget to share it with the people you care about. I will see you again next week with a new post.

Not staring at the fan but listening to Baroque music,

P.S. Do check this informative piece on why we celebrate birthdays if you haven’t

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