In the ‘light’ of Corona

In March 2015, I got afflicted with a severe (to put it mildly) case of Chicken Pox. I wasn’t aware of the term quarantined at that time though, that’s what happened to me about for about 25 days of March 2015. By God’s grace, I had the sense to stay away from other humans and restrict myself to one room. I had about 500 blisters all over my body, no appetite, lost about 5-7 kgs of weight, couldn’t even take a proper bath for two weeks and ended up looking something like this

All of this happened because one gentleman in our theatre group(I used to be a theatre artist back then) decided to come to a street play despite being down with Chickenpox. The person’s energy was so ‘infectious’, about 25 out of 50 or so actors in the group got the virus.

Now, the energetic or spiritual aspect of the incident— out of the 25 actors that got afflicted with the Chicken Pox, yours truly was the chosen one; I was the worst hit. While others recovered in a week, I took three.


Sheer bad luck?

Random selection?

Weak immunity?

Looking back now I deduce some spiritual reasons as to why I attracted the worst affliction–

  1. A couple of months before the pox, I lost a dear uncle to Cancer. He was in his mid-thirties when he died, leaving behind a four-year-old son. It was hard for the entire family, and I had substantial guilt trips associated with the same(which I may talk about in a future post).
  2. I had started dating seriously for the first time in my life and my self esteem issues had reached a crescendo. I felt not enough and way too overwhelmed to be in the company of a strikingly beautiful lady.
  3. I was eating poorly, got inadequate sleep, had to manage home, theatre and work which kept piling.
  4. Strangely, I was even hugely inconsistent with my mantra meditations and sadhana (spiritual practices).

What this episode of my life taught me is that what goes in inside of you is way more powerful than any outside force.

The caution that’s been sounded out by the authorities is real. People are in a lot of fear and anxiety. I’ve never seen such fear in people in this lifetime of mine. Yet, apart from following the guidelines of WHO, our health ministry and other medical experts, what else can you do?

Well, quite a lot. Internally for sure.

Fortuitously for the modern civilization, a lot many people than ever before have started understanding or at least are open to the fact that thoughts influence reality. What you think or dwell upon is what you attract. And this is not some new-age mumbo-jumbo. The placebo effect, the science of epigenetics, quantum physics are all testimony to it.

In the present scenario, when the COVID-19 is creating mass anxiety and hysteria, I wish to share tips and insights as to how you may be able to deal with the stress and fear that’s palpable as well as boosting your morale.


Yep. The involuntary blessing that mother nature has given us and we take so for granted. Breathing consciously and mindfully is a simple yet miraculous cure for almost all mental health challenges, be it, anxiety, fear or anger. A breathing technique that I love employing for myself is known as Even count breathing.

You inhale through your nostrils to the count of four, hold to a count of four and exhale through your nostrils to a count of four.

Repeat this cycle for three to five rounds at least. Ideal would be about ten cycles. The even counts can be more than four, too, depending on your lung capacity- six, eight or ten.

The M-word

More than ever before it is essential to use your mind in your favour by engaging it to induce a sense of calm, well being and harmony.

Obvious much? The importance of having strong mental muscles in times like this cannot be reiterated enough. I’m witnessing even the strongest people I’ve known super anxious about the well being of their loved ones. More than ever before it is essential to use your mind in your favour by engaging it to induce a sense of calm, well being and harmony. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s not.

Don’t believe me?

Try the lemon test guided by me.

Use the lemon test hack. Give your body a taste of an abundantly healthy future in the now.

Oh and the M word is meditate, just in case you happen to be a boomer 😉


You understand that there are certain things beyond your capacity or control.

Many assume that a prayer means that a human is begging an unseen force to intervene in mortal affairs. I take this to be an obsolete model of prayer. For me, prayer is a heart to heart with the creative power that resides within. You share your cares, your concerns, your dreams, your hopes, your fears and in that state, you become receptive to the answers that come from your heart. And most of all, you SURRENDER. You understand that there are certain things beyond your capacity or control. You are humbled and it’s so amazingly uplifting. Try.

Of course, you can use religious and spiritual tools like mantra meditations, chants and rituals as well to have a phenomenal impact on your mental well being.


Write and express what your heart longs to say

Writing your thoughts down is therapeutic. It clears your head, gives you space to vent and helps gain clarity. I have been journaling regularly since the past some time, and it has been of tremendous value to me. If you’re unable to write on paper and you’re into digital writing like me, I suggest an app called Day one to journal.

Consume uplifting content

Consume happiness inducing media

Be it books, YouTube videos, streaming services, games or online interactions– ensure you only consume that which uplifts, inspires and makes you laugh. An absolute necessity for positive mental health.

Practice gratitude

Have an attitude of gratitude

An imminent threat to our survival should jolt to a realization that you are mortal. Life is a brief phenomenon, a blessing, a gift. While you are quarantined, make a list of 50 things you are grateful for about living. Not only will it give you an immediate boost, but it’ll also help you attract more blessings in life ahead.

Don’t be quick to judge.

The Wuhan Virus situation is turning out to be a blessing in disguise for nature. We as a species have attracted this pandemic, and now it’s compelling us to learn from it. A wise person chooses to learn and grow from every life situation. Choose to be that person. Here’s a story on why it’s a smart thing to hold your horses.

I wish you strength, the company of your loved ones, laughter and well being in the current times, dear reader. I hope you get through and grow into an advanced version of yourself when the frenzy ends.

I leave you with a quote from my favourite movie that’s inspired me since a decade

Why do we fall?

So that we can learn to pick ourselves up

Counting my blessings,

PS: I am hosting a Healing light meditation on 22nd March at 7 PM on Zoom. Here is a link to register for the same-

12 thoughts on “In the ‘light’ of Corona

  1. Prashant

    Wonderful! This article has so many things to learn. I have read the horse story again. When I read it for the first time few days ago, there was nothing to relate with but some thing was there this time. I did share my journal experience two days ago with you. I assumed you wanted me to tackle with it on my own. Anways, sharing it with somebody made me relaxed.

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  2. Akshat

    Enjoyed reading it from start to finish. The current situation feels better in the light of this write-up. Thanks to hyperlinks, also read and liked the hold your horses story.

    Liked by 1 person

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